Converting To An OzHitch

Convert your off road hitch to OzHitch

Converting your off road coupling over to an OzHitch is usually quite easy. There are a few ways to convert.

  1. The most common way is to remove the old off road hitch completely and replace it with an OzHitch.
  2. OR another option becoming very popular is to convert your Offroad coupling to OzHitch by using an OzHitch conversion kit. Convert your Treg, Trigg or AT35 coupling over to an OzHitch by removing the car side section and replacing with our cradle. Follow the simple instructions and Video on our sales page to see how to convert to OzHitch.

If you find that your off road coupling is welded on it may be better to convert the hitch you have to an OzHitch using our kit. I say this because a lot of folk don’t have the equipment to do so themselves. Having said this it does take some tools to do the conversion itself as you will see by watching the video of the conversion.

Whatever you decide to do to upgrade your off road hitch we are sure you will be happy with an OzHitch off road coupling.