How many hitches does Australia need?

Australia certainly seems to be the country where the off road hitch are most popular not to mention we have the highest RV ownership per capita in the world. So why Australia? Is it that rough out here that we need them more than others? Well if you are a genuine off-roader that gets out there in the deserts and harsh outback I think its certainly worth the investment. Lets look at it this way… I guess we do need them if you see the size of our back yard and how much off road terrain there is, then have a look at your odds when it comes to being rescued and you are 400KM from the nearest bush town that doesn’t have a tow truck. You wanna make sure you don’t have a busted trailer hitch when you are that far out in no mans land. I guess that’s why Aussies love offroad couplings is because the added security of knowing the major connecting device between the car and your precious camper is a good one.

It seems that most offroad camper trailer companies these days fit off road hitches of some variety to there trailers as standard. So do we need more. Well its the old story of its no good only having one store selling Nike shoes because that does not create the desire and acceptance of the product. If we have a few people out there making different varieties it sets up healthy competition, plenty of discussion forums, lots of energy and desire around them and so a great market for them and the RV market.

Off Road Hitches for Caravans and Camper Trailers

We currently have the  McHitch, Alko, OzHitch, AT35, Treg, Trigg, Hitchmaster DO35, Orac, O’brien, Hyland hitch, Hitch-ezy, Wesco and probably a few others. The Treg hitch has probably been around the longest. This by no means means its the best. But do we need more? Well one would think not but then I said that back in the 90′s about camper trailers when there were probably only 40-50 manufacturers Australia wide and now 20 years later the market has never been stronger and there are near enough to 200 different camper trailer companies from the back yarder to the professional outfit in Australia. I’m really surprised someone like Hayman Reese hasn’t designed one. So the truth is who knows, lets see what happens.