Offroad Coupling, Offroad Hitch… do you want the best?

Offroad Coupling or Offroad Hitch, which one do you choose for your camper trailer? Well basically they are the same thing and the two names would most likely depend on where you come from. USA tend to use the word offroad coupling more and Australia uses offroad hitch more. Of coarse as usual anything America does seems to be copied in Australia. The best thing to do here is to simplify this down to features and what you will need out of your offroad coupling or offroad hitch.

Point form advantages:

  • Easy connection and disconnection (should be seconds)
  • Absolutely must be ADR Accredited And Tested To suit your tow capacities
  • Ideally very low profile to avoiding barn door, tailgate damage when door swings over the offroad hitch
  • Simple strong connecting pin. Much better and more secure than clips and locking mechanisms
  • Very positive connection, no mistakes
  • Pin needs to be lockable for security when standing and connected to car.
  • Full bushing in all moving areas to prevent rattles and damage.
  • Good offroad angles at minimum 70Deg
  • Great line of vision for lining the two halves
  • Ideally one hand operation so leaving other hand free to operate jockey wheel
  • Bolt facing up so thread cannot get damaged going of barge ramps and over rocks
  • Side fitting connecting pin for line of sight and also if pin isn’t poking down it cannot get damaged
  • Double locking mechanism on the pin for security and safety
  • Cast steel one piece construction so no joints or weld and much stronger
  • Choice of bolt on or weld straight on.
  • Galvanised body for maximum rust prevention.
  • Can be used with a weight distribution hitch
  • Easy retro fit-able to all offroad coupling patterns.
  • Spare parts available through trailer parts and caravan parts distributors

Galvanised Offroad Hitch

Most hitches would be lucky to have even half of these features. If you are wanting all of these features then the only choice is the OzHitch off road hitches. If I had my choice I would choose and OzHitch as my choice of offroad coupling every time. So when looking for camper trailer parts look out for your OzHitch dealer.