Offroad hitches not ideal

Offroad couplings and hitches not ideal

I’ve heard the question before “Is there ever a time when an offroad hitch is not ideal”?

This question brings up a few scenarios for me where I haven’t had an offroad coupling and was worried about weather I would break the ball coupling and hence be left stranded. One of the scenarios was exiting the Moreton Island ferry years ago when I towed a std box trailer over to the island. On arrival there was a very steep beach to climb starting right at the base of the exit ramp of the ferry. This gave a steep decent from the ferry and a fairly steep immediate accent up the beach making the overall angle a lot to ask of a std ball coupling. I could hear the offroad hitch and ball groaning as I went through the angle, luckily without breakage. So the question I ask myself is what would have happened if it did break and how would this have affected my holiday?

So I ask. Do you pay insurance on your home? Car? Boat etc. Im sure you do and you pay it every year at the rate of between $400 and $3000 per insurance every year. Buying an offroad hitch is a once of insurance policy that will make sure the stresses of “will we be OK” will be one thing less you need to worry about and worth every cent to pay for it and lets face it you only have to pay for this insurance policy once. When buying offroad hitch and trailer accessories some are worth there weight in gold and some are not that necessary. To me off road couplings When buying a hitch there are a few things to consider so have a look here.