Quit speeding up in overtaking lanes..!!!!

Do you find over taking lanes a massive frustration???

When I’m out there on the highway I can almost smell the anticipation in people when they have seen a sign “overtaking lane 200m ahead” You can see all the vehicles get closer to each other ready to pounce. Everyone is thinking is he gonna go in the right lane or will he let me past? Should I go now or wait and see what he does? Most drivers are guilty of some behavior something like this at some time, whether towing or not. So what are some of the problems and what should we do?

1) Some of the problem here is some people think its a race or something and just don’t want you in front and then once they are in front they slow down. AAArggh!!!

2) Some people don’t mind you going through but like the comment above are scared to let you through in case you slow down once you are in front.

3) Heavy vehicles often approach these overtaking lanes fast to get a good run at the hill if there is one, so often get in front and then after overtaking you they slow down because they are so heavy.

4) Some fools are just road hogs and after they pass they are arrogant enough to stay in the right lane. As if to say you don’t have the grunt to pass me anyway. Besides its my road..!!!

5) Single cars seem to be able to maintain a good constant speed up a hill in an overtaking lane, where a lot of van towers and trucks slow down on hills, then use the downhill to speed up again over the other side of the hill. So if when they are travelling down the other side after the “lane” at speed limit often you will get the truck or van tower right up your butt fast trying to get speed up for the flats and the next hill to save fuel and you are travelling at your highway speed, you might be seen to be “in the way”. So they would rather not let you through in the first place. etc etc etc.

So what do we do????

Simple… if you are travelling at the speed limit and maintaining it and you are the lead car, still pull left and if someone wants to roar past let them. If you catch up to them again make the next decision what to do at the time. Don’t hold drivers back because you anticipate them slowing down again.

If you are travelling slow towing a van pull over left.

If it all gets to much and the mob that you are travelling with seem to stick around and frustrate you stop take a break, have a drink and when the road seems less busy get on your way again.

There is a good old saying here. When all else fails “slow down and watch all the idiots disappear”