Security for your camper trailer

What are my options?

So I often get asked what kind of security should I be using to secure my caravan, camper trailer or off road trailer to my vehicle.

There are a few security options. Firstly, I suggest using a quality lock to double secure your tow chain to the vehicle. If you have 2 chains I suggest lock at least 1 to the vehicle in a position that is secured to the car like a lug on the towbar or something that is not removable. The best way to do this is to shackle both chains to the vehicle then if one of the chains is long enough os a bit longer run that one forward to the point that you would lock it. The idea is to make sure the chains are secured leaving the chains the same length from shackle to trailer so if the trailer breaks free then both chains are doing equal work. From there the chain extra length is run forward to a secure point that would be used as a secondary load bearing point if in case the shackles fail and of coarse as your secure point.

If you have a  off road coupling  I suggest get a small specialised lock that locks the connecting pin of the off road hitch into place so no one cane remove it and steal the camper trailer. The other benefit of this lock is if the trailer is disconnected then you can place the pin through the hitch and secure it from anyone stealing your trailer in your absence.

If you are using a Hayman Reese removable tongue receiver then I recommend using a connecting pin that is also lockable so the would be thieves cannot remove the pin and receiver and steal your rig this way.

My preferred way to secure my trailer to my vehicle is by using a very heavy duty rigging H.T. chain about a metre long (or cable) with a bike tube cut and slipped over it. You then have a very strong chain that is loose that can be used for a few purposes. I pass this big chain through the fork in the draw bar and then lock it with a huge industrial grade padlock (its got to be big to get through both chain ends) and then lock this to a point on the vehicle in a position where its difficult to get any decent sized pry bar or cutting equipment access in to cut it off. The other use for this chain/cable is when you are parked you can lock the trailer to a tree or post or even push the chain through one of the gaps in your trailer rim and then go around the spring or suspension somewhere. This stops the wheel from turning and also stops the would be thief from removing the wheel and using his own to steel it.

There are also a loot of other gadgets on the market like hitch brackets that go in the tow hitch, blanked towballs that lock in the hitch etc