Suspension Lift Kits

Ive often been asked what size suspension lift kits should I use on my 4×4 along with what suspension lift kits are big and how many inches can I go up. Well the answer to that is a little bit more complicated than it may seem. First of all it depends what you are trying to achieve and for what reason. Lets start with the legal side of this.

Every state in Australia have slightly different rules which in my opinion is ridiculous, lets face it we build a 4×4 in one state with 3″ suspension lift kits where its legal go for a tour with the camper van and all of a sudden we are in a state where that particular suspension lift kits are illegal. What then?

The other thing is each insurance company have different rules they want you to abide by under their policy for what they think is safe to minimize their risk. So what do we do. Firstly I suggest you check out the rules for your state as they are different and contact your insurance company and find out what they say for there policy as well. If the policy doesn’t suit you and is to strict even though your state rules say you can fit bigger suspension lift kits then find another policy that allows what you want. There are also specialized four wheel drive insurance companies where you may pay just a little more but at least you know you are covered. For instance… in Queensland you are allowed to raise the suspension by 2 inches and put in a 1 inch body lift kit. So overall 3 inches.

Another way to get a little higher is to look into the regulations around tyre sizes and put something a little taller on. This can often get you easily an extra inch or two. Remember there are also rules governing tyre sizes so check those out as well.