The FJ Cruiser…

Is the Toyota FJ Cruiser a 4X4 For Off Road Towing?

2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser.

Just another soft 4X4 ?? Something special? or just another soft 4×4?

So the new FJ cruiser hits the spotlight. Other than wanting a 4×4 that looks a bit different to the others, I ask myself why would I want to buy one? Looks, top shelf 4×4 ability, space, seating capacity, power, towing capacity, comfort, strength, just because its Toyota? Lets face it as an old friend said “there is no accounting for taste” so I guess there is a market for it. Ive certainly seen a lot of them getting around considering its new release in Aussie. I don’t think from what I can see there is a stand out feature that it has or a combination of features that make me say its a special vehicle and I just have to have one.Maybe only looks if you liked them.

If you look around amongst the all ready well established 4×4 market there is already everything you could ever want. Sadly I think Australia is lacking in choices in “real” 4×4′s. I can see plenty of choice in all those features right across the range of available 4×4′s the only area suffering to the 4×4 enthusiast is more choice in real 4×4′s. So whats available in real 4×4′s? Nissan make a great vehicle that is a little let down in the power department in the 3lt and a gas guzzler in the 4.8 but never the less a tough 4×4. Toyota make the wagon and Ute that is overall a pretty mighty 4×4 but lacking a bit in features like auto, safety features, and coil rear end for comfort, Land Rover have a tough 4×4 but some reliability issues. Jeep only have the little Wrangler and we all know Jeep have some reliability problems and lets face it its to small to do a decent trip in, Then there is the Mercedes Benz, of which the new one the G55 is a gas guzzler, pretty ugly and who the hell can afford $185,000 dollars let alone the service and fuel bills. So what do we get if we want a great quality 4×4 that has room for the whole family, comfortable for week day driving, tough as nails in the bush, reasonably economical, nice looking, a good following in after market accessories and reasonable service costs. For my money if I had to buy new today I would get the Toyota Wagon. Aussie still needs a bit more choice though I reckon and although the new FJ is probably a great car the last thing I would be considering as a 4×4 enthusiast is another soft 4×4.