Towing your camper trailer and boat in road-train

I wonder how many Aussie blokes would love to take the off road caravan and boat away on the family holiday but can not. I have friends who go in two cars so they can take both the boat and the offroad camper trailer. I have other friends who do two trips over 300 kilometers so they can have the boat as well. So I guess that might be OK if you are going for 2 weeks but what if you are going for the weekend?

So maybe we start by taking a look at the Australian road rules. Lets be fair here, if truck drivers are allowed to tow road trains and have 3 or 4 trailers and be over 100 metres long (granted they aren’t allowed in built up areas) so what if we want to tow the off road camper trailer or off road caravan and the boat. Why not have a special school to train people to be able to handle road train just like they do with road trains, why wouldn’t that be OK? We could have special rules in place like all axles need to be brakes and the second trailer needs to be half the weight of the first and total weight needs to remain under the total  safe towing limit  for the car, off road hitch or  level riders  must be used etc, etc

Believe it of not I remember when I was a kid going away with my Dad’s brothers old Jeep Wagoneer with the boat and the off road caravan both hooked up in convoy and of we went on holiday. OK so we didn’t live in Australia at the time. In South Africa you were allowed to tow road train (convoy) and so if it worked over there why not here in Australia.