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Hayman Reese Hitch Adapter Info

The Hayman Reese Hitch adapter is designed to fit the most popular level rider kit only. It is designed to work with the 250KG or 550Lbs unit with the 2 arms and “trundle head” T shaped head and on the other end of the arm a short length of chain. See pics below as they show the Reese version.

In order to use the Hayman Reese Hitch adapter you will first need to remove the similar looking bracket that is part of the Hayman original towing assembly (holds your current tow-ball) and replace it with the OzHitch unit.

This is an easy conversion. Just undo the 2 large bolts, remove them and the hexagonal angle adjusters and pull off the bracket. Then using all the same bolts and hexagonal angle adjusters just bolt it right back up to the desired height and angle you need for your rig.

The Hayman Reese Hitch adapter is available as a hitch and bracket or in a package with the 3.5 ton hitch under heading “hitch package deals” or as a bracket on its own for those of you who already have the OzHitch and just want the Bracket.