The Best Off Road Hitch

OzHitch Product Info

OzHitch was designed to overcome many shortfalls in Offroad hitch designs and has many Unique features:

The OzHitch is a simple drop in design with the “self aligning cradle” taking all the hard work out off the traditional pin variety hitches. The 2 angled edges and centre slide make it much less complicated to get the hitch halves connected and makes it easier to line these up with Connecting Pin. (Click here to watch our videos).

OzHitch Couplings

In General:

•    3.5 ton rated ADR tested, rated and approved
•    Connecting guide for easy aligning and connection
•    Very low profile to save your tailgate or barn doors when opening
•    Very safe once loaded, IE cant slip out of cradle
•    Simple robust self locking mechanism
•    No fiddly clips or latches
•    Dual locking and Lockable for security
•    High density bushing so no rattles or vibration
•    OzHitch is the only “Hot Dip Galvanised” hitch available as corrosion protection, it is The Ultimate rust prevention.
•    Steel cast one piece per section so no joins or welds for max strength.
•    Connection from above so visually easy to operate.
•    Main tongue bolt can be fitted inverted giving far better clearance under the tow tongue and no damage to thread so easy to remove if need to
•    Larger off road angles, close to 85degrees in upward direction and 70deg in downward direction of travel.


Most off road hitches have a top loading connecting pin which presents a real problem when it comes to center mounted spare wheels, like of Pajero, Suzuki, Jeep etc and can also damage outward-opening rear doors and tailgates due to the hitches having a high profile. The OzHitch has a simple, strong connecting pin which provides positive connection (no mistakes), is safe from damage due to being side positioned and not having parts sticking down. The main attachment bolt is a “separate” HT bolt not part of the hitch, it goes in from underneath the tow tongue (nut and thread facing up) so there is no bolt thread sticking down to get caught up on barge rams and rocks etc hanging you up, not to mention no more thread damage. Thread damage makes it difficult to remove your hitch if need be. Try changing the bolt for a new one on other hitches, you will need to buy the whole part.

OzHitch was created to save time and eliminate these problems and many others. It also means you’ll spend less time wrestling your hitch and trailer, and more time enjoying your offroad adventures.

The OzHitch Is So Easy To Use It Will Make Even A First-Time Off-Roader Look Like A Pro!