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EM1S - Single Wheel Easy Mover


Single Wheel Easy Mover

Easy Mover Ratched Driven Solid Rubber Jockey Wheel with Clamp - Wheel: 4.10/3.50 x 4 (10") Solid cushion tyre with steel centre.  Lift: 225mm.  Unit Weight: 15.4kg.  Static Load Capacity: 750kg.  The solid cushion tyres will never let you down !

Designed for minimal effort and increased manoeuvrability Easy Mover operates on either side of the draw bar with the same efficiency and has the unique feature of an unrestricted handle stroke.  This enables the operator to determine the most comfortable drive stroke length and operating stance.

Note: Handle MUST be removed when travelling.

Also available is a swing up version and also a two wheel version.

$ 321.82 Inc GST