The Best Off Road Hitch

OzHitch 2.0T 4 Bolt Override


Bolt Override 2.0T 4

OzHitch... The Most Adaptable Off Road Couplings!! The self aligning cradle takes away all the hard work out off the traditional pin variety hitches. It features a centre slide as well as the two angled edges which can make it easier to get the hitch halved together and lined up to connect with the Connecting Pin (Watch the video here now). In General: This versatile override hitch is ideal for Boat trailers, Camper trailers, small to medium caravans and box trailers in both on road and off road. Maximum GVM on this unit is 2ton as it is an override. More Info Included:

  • 1 x Over-ride OzHitch 4 Bolt Galvanised with receiver and main bolt.

$ 392.70 Inc GST