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OzHitch Off-Road Trailer & Caravan Couplings

Over the years we have had two other brands of off. Road hitches. It is a miracle my wife and I still have all our fingers.. We decided to fit an oz hitch to our current camper because it looked so easy to use. They are so good they will self align if you don’t get it quite right. To reinforce my faith in this product when I contacted the company to discuss a minor issue ( and didn’t buy the hitch off the current owners of the company) I was amazed at their high level of focus on after sales service. It was a breath of fresh air compared the way a lot of companies now treat people. Thanks guys

Colin Jackson

Key Features of the OzHitch

Self-aligning technology: The OzHitch off-road coupling simplifies the connection process by guiding the 2 hitch halves together, reducing the need for precise maneuvering.
Durability: Built to withstand the harsh conditions of the Australian outback, the OzHitch off-road coupling ensures long-lasting performance and reliability.
Safety: The OzHitch off-road coupling exceeds Australian safety standards, providing peace of mind for drivers and passengers alike.
Versatility: Designed to handle various off-road terrains and towing conditions, the OzHitch off-road coupling offers flexibility for different adventures.
Ease of use: OzHitches user-friendly design makes connecting and disconnecting trailers quick and hassle-free, saving time and frustration.
Innovative design: Developed with input from experienced off-road drivers, the OzHitch incorporates innovative features to address common frustrations encountered with traditional off-road hitches.
Rigorous testing: Undergoes extensive testing procedures to ensure exceptional strength and reliability, with a safety margin that surpasses expectations.
Customer satisfaction: Trusted by off-road enthusiasts nationwide, the OzHitch has earned a reputation for excellence in performance and customer satisfaction.

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