The Best Off Road Hitch

Why We are the best

  • Self Aligning Towing Hitch Cradle
  • Connects in Seconds
  • ADR approved to 3.5 Tonne (3.5 Tonne Version)
  • Very Low Profile
  • Full Bushing (“No Rattles”)
  • Double Locking Pin Security
  • Lockable for Security
  • Huge Off-Road Angles
  • Tested to Higher than Required Capacities
  • Fully Galvanised
  • Bolt or Weld On
  • Multiple Bolt Patterns Available
  • 3.5 tonne, 2.5 tonne and 2 tonne Override Models
  • Hayman Reese Adaptor Available


Where can you use the OZHITCH Off-Road Coupling

  • Off-Road Campers and Caravans
  • Low Clearance Tail Gates
  • Farm trailers
  • Council Trailers
  • Army Trailers
  • Tradesman Trailers
  • Fire Fighting Trailers
  • Roads Department Trailers
  • Mining and Exploration Trailers
  • Outback Adventure Trailers

Which Hitch and Why ?

  • What angles will I encounter?
  • Is the off road tow hitch certified with Australian ADR’s?
  • What towing capacity does the off road tow hitch have?
  • What type of connecting mechanisms does the caravan and trailer hitch use?
  • Is the towing hitch easy to use?
  • Is the off road tow hitch simple or fiddly?
  • Can I put a handbrake on it?
  • What are my personal requirements?
  • What Clearance does my Tail Gate Have ?
  • Do I also want to use it with a Weight Distribution System ?

For the Answers to the above questions click here


I have always loved 4×4 driving and off road adventures. I have many years of experience in off road driving and towing. This experience, coupled with the knowledge of what makes the best towing hitch, puts me in a unique position to provide a quality product to 4×4 enthusiasts. My entire focus is to offer the toughest and most versatile off road hitch to everyone who tows off road!

The Unique, State Of The Art Self Aligning Off Road Towing Hitch... The guide connects you in seconds GUARANTEED!