The Best Off Road Hitch

Bolt Hole Pattern

Monday August 19th 2013

OzHitch started with just the one 6 bolt hole pattern and has progressed to now having 3 different patterns. The original 6 bolt hole 3.5 ton unit was the first and has the same pattern as the Vehicle Components hitches namely the AT35, DO35, DO45 Hitchmaster, also McHitch and Hitch-ezy hitches.

The new OzHitch 3.5 ton 4 hole hitch has the same bolt pattern as the Alko, Hyland and McHitch model hitches, although originally most Alko hitches were ball style… so again OzHitch can be retro fitted easily where these get removed.

There are many different ball hitch bolt hole patterns but only 3 main offroad hitch bolt patterns. The reason there are 3 different patterns is simple. Some hitch patterns go back many, many years and with the removal of ball, old style, worn out, or difficult to use hitches like the AT35 and fitment of new hitches like the OzHitch there is a need to be able to remove an old hitch and simply fit a new one without changing the hole centres currently in your trailer hitch plate… so for you the customer, the experience and satisfaction of fitting on a new hitch is easy to do by simply unbolting and bolting on the new OzHitch without fuss.

OzHitch 3.5 ton 6 bolt can be retro fitted to McHitch, Hitchmaster DO35, DO45, AT35, and Hitch-ezy (download pattern HERE)

OzHitch 3.5 ton 4 bolt can be retro fitted to all 184mm x 54mm centres hitches like McHitch, Alko ball and offroad units, Treg, Trigg hitches (download pattern HERE)

OzHitch 2.5 ton 4 bolt Hitch uses the 4 front holes positions of the 6 bolt unit so is totally interchangeable with the OzHitch 3.5 and also McHitch, Hitchmaster DO35, DO45, AT35 and  Hitch-ezy trailer hitches. (download pattern HERE)